Married at First Sight Sneak Peek

Do you ever feel like you really know someone simply because you watch them on tv?

I could guarantee that JLaw and I would become fast friends after we swapped stories of tripping over nothing. Plus, for a hot minute my nickname was AWeb so we have that whole first initial, abbreviated last name thing going for us. 

I just get her.

The six newest additions to my collection of digital friends are from my favorite guilty pleasure, Married at First Sight. Every Tuesday night they join me on the couch, with a glass of wine and my leopard jammies. They have invited me to their weddings, honeymoons and over to mom and dad's for the occasional family dinner. 
After eleven weeks of friendship I would say we know each other pretty well, or so I thought. 

Then I saw this:

I mean, I knew something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue was a wedding tradition but a new penny in the shoe?! I better pin that idea on my onlytwentyonedon'tevenhaveaboyfriend wedding board on pinterest.

I loved finding out that Doug was a baseball boy. 

I was incredibly invested in Doug and Jamie's relationship early on after finding a lot of parallels between myself and Jamie. Learning that they stayed married after a roller coaster of emotions was amazing, but finding out that Jamie got a baseball boy was even better! 

What girl does not like her man in baseball pants?!

Throughout the season we saw Jason go through the emotions of his mother's cancer battle, portraying him the majority of the time as very cautious and reserved. Having watched my own mother go through her own battle with cancer I felt for him week after week and was so sad to hear she had passed.

This week I think we are going to see our friend Jason in a new light. I was laughing out loud when he started going on about not having a microwave in the street to make his "oatein" because he was saving lives! Cortney not only has a cute firefighter on her hands, but also a total jokester! Hope we see more of that dynamic tomorrow night!

Possibly the biggest reveal of all was Monet's closet... for her shoes! Cinderella could die happy in that room and I could only hope she is a size 8-9. 

Goodness knows I would love to play dress up at her house! 

And you best bet the fabulous four experts were there to weigh in with their thoughts as the weeks went by. We did not see eye to eye all the time though...

Still not seeing reality television in my future friends.

I cannot wait to see what Tuesday's 'Unveiled' episode brings, I think we might get to know this cast of strangers turned friends even better! 
One thing is for sure, they will see another great version of the "messy bun" from this girl.

What was your favorite MAFS moment? Would you ever apply to be on the show?!