A Monday Love Affair

Monday was a good day.
I know, that sounds like an oxymoron, how can saying goodbye to the weekend ever be a good thing?
Well, let me give you a run down of the events leading up to my amazing Monday.

Early last week, I was contacted by a lovely lady who works in FYI's marketing division. She had seen my posts about my love for Married at First Sight and wondered if I would like to collaborate with them for the next week's episode. A quick phone call later, and many many emails, and I was officially given the link to the video and free reign to write an editorial post about the coming episode. 
Talk about a total dream.
Needless to say, when my picture was posted on their social media accounts I woke up with the biggest grin on my face.

That same excitement continued on into the first practice of this season of Girls on the Run
I love Girls on the Run so much and could not wait to return to coaching with Rebekah, who I met through the program. The girls did not disappoint, we had a wonderful first day of the season and I cannot wait to watch them grow and understand just how wonderful it is to be a Girl on The Run.

The cherry on top was a screening of the IndieFlix documentary The Empowerment Project.
I heard about the documentary moths ago when they were featured on The Mom's View.
Judge me all you want for being 21 and watching something called the Mom's View, but those ladies are too fabulous to pass up!

I immediately fell in love with the whole premise.
Then I watched the preview and ended in a blubbering mess. It was exactly the sort of thing that I loved. Five girls, going on a month long road trip where they met, and interviewed, some of the most amazing strong women. 

I will have a whole post dedicated to the film tomorrow, because its just too wonderful to squeeze into this post.

How was your Monday? Ever have a really good Monday?