Cripple Complaints

I have officially had three broken bones in my right foot for four weeks and I am about to go insane. When I made the decision to take the semester off of school to heal up, my Nonnie kept reminding me how nursing was a job on my feet and not something to mess around with, and I only half imagined that I would spend it jet setting around like the princess my mother tells me I am.
 Not the case. 
I have used up two free weeks of hulu, spent too much money shopping online, watched The Hunger Games 5+ times and wondered how bad a fake foot would look. Seriously, Barbie rocked that plastic well I could totally do it. My friends are all trickling back to their various universities and I am left here, utterly lonely and bored out of my mind. The things I would do for someone's Netflix password right now I am not proud of.
Mostly, I am exhausted. Tired of sitting around all day and watching facebook fill up with game day pictures and fun while I cannot even carry a plate on my own. I am feeling extremely disheartened and wishing on a few more than my fair share of stars. In three weeks I go back to the doctor and from there we re-x-ray and talk about starting me on physical therapy. Too much fun. I really hope to trade the Washington rain for some Florida sun at this point, just to get away from it all.
What it comes down to is that healing is not easy. It takes time and patience, both things I was not blessed with. I am surely a little lost in all of this and questioning a lot of things regarding my college of choice and what I need. What do you do when you have moments like this, those of complete panic where you just feel so lost and unsure. I have been praying about the whole thing, hoping that I will find some guidance from the Lord soon. I know I am blessed in so many ways, but sometimes its hard to get out of ruts especially when I feel so incapable of doing anything right now.
In other news, I will be holding a blog sale some time this week and also sharing with you some of my more recent purchases!
Blog-working Wednesday!