Fall 2014 LookBook

If you snuck onto my website last night than you may have noticed a new tab labeled 'lookbook.'

Did I finally get to fulfill my 12-year-old self's modeling dream?
Luckily, I have long given up on that dream ever coming true, so no dreams were crushed here.

Instead, I have convinced myself that I am a photographer.
Yes, I am one of those early 20-year olds who thinks they are legit just because they own a DSLR that makes a satisfying shutter click. 

So, when I dreamed up a line of tailgating stadium cups earlier this summer I knew I needed photos to go along with. Since all my backup celebrity photographers were unavailable I turned to the next best thing, myself
I coerced my sweet friend Rebekah, who is in a walking boot bless her heart, to be my model.
What was my big idea?
Throw a fake tailgate, of course.

The day of the shoot it poured and by the time we got going the sun was beginning to set.
We staged the trunk of my car, which I lovingly refer to as the mom-wagon, and got to shooting. The park police only drove by at a glacial pace once, so I considered the whole thing to be a success.

Take a look for yourself, enjoy, leave a comment and go checkout out the new arrivals in the shop.

Are you a fan of tailgating? Which team do you root for?