Last night as I sat under the trees in my backyard sipping a beer, I caught my first glimpses of the magic that is lightning bugs. Awestruck, I kept thinking to myself, now this is summer in The South.
And as summer arrives, so does America's favorite holiday, the 4th of July.
Whether your family grills out at home, or you are in charge of appetizers at the neighborhood party, you are bound to enjoy a little fun in the name of our great nation. In this spirit, I created the newest collection on my Etsy store, entitled "Party Like It's 1776."
This collection was created to be the perfect companion to any party on the 4th.
The cups not only make great statement decor, but can also double as a party favor for your guests to remember the night.
Unsure of my plans for the 4th, perhaps a Martina McBride concert downtown? Goodness knows the sort of talent that one can enjoy in the fabulous city of Nashville on Independence Day. Regardless of what I am doing, I will be rocking at least one of these cups throughout the celebrations.
So, read through the inspirations and tidbits about each design, leave a comment letting me know which one you like best and share them with your friends if you feel so inclined.
Get ready to Party Like It's 1776.