Dear Amesy & Little,

My how you have grown! I look at pictures of you nowadays and you are both becoming these amazing real live, big, little people. You make me so proud when I hear about all the fun things you are doing and hear the happy ooze from your voices. 
That unexplainable, overwhelming happy is important babes.

One of the ways I find that same happy is through volunteering. As you know, I spent a few seasons with Girls on the Run and hope to continue that for the long haul. Today, I volunteered with a new organization in Nashville that lets children with special needs ride horses with our help. It was amazing, and definitely made my heart glow. I spent two hours there, helping out with two different lessons and although both were different I found them to be equally touching.

What I mean to say is, giving my time is what makes me happy. Being around kids and making a difference in their worlds' brings me more joy that anything tangible. It is so easy for us to get caught up in our daily hubbub and routine that we often forget to find our happy. So I ask you now, what is your happy? Is it being outside in nature? Or maybe taking the time to make a new friend or help someone at school? Whatever fills your happy tank top full is what I want you to think about. 

And then, make it a priority.

Squish things in your day around just so you can feel that boundless joy. Commit to it because you are so worth it. Finding your happy is worth it because it ensures that you run like a well oiled machine. When you are purposeful in your happy, you find everyday tasks like brushing teeth and doing homework are easier. Your happy will make those around you happy, like a little ripple in a pond that grows larger and larger each day. Do you see anything bad about finding your happy? I sure don't!

Make time for yourself, find your happy and always know you two are a huge piece of my happy.