As a Type A my planner has always been my one true love interest. 
I loved writing down all my assignments in middle school and checking them off one by one. More recently, I have discovered the "planner community" and become completely enthralled by the whole thing. I was already planning in my Lilly Pulitzer agenda and thought a few custom stickers would enhance the whole experience. After adding my first shot of my planner to instagram, follow me @OhLaLaAli, the positive response was overwhelming. Wonderful people kept asking me to start selling the stickers, which was beyond any response I could have imagined. 
Week after week I find my few spare moments wrapped up in planning the next week's spread theme and designing little details to go along with. The first week I uploaded included many Lilly prints and designs that were not my own, so I could not in good conscience profit from the design. Instead, I thought I would throw it out there as a free download for all to use in their planning needs.
The amazing pink tassel banner is a free download on Holly Creative, go download it there from her lovely site.
As for the future themes and stickers, although I may not have time to physically create planner stickers to ship out to all of you lovely fellow planner lovers I am dabbling in the idea of sellign them as digital downloads on etsy, that way you all can print them at your leisure and as many times as you need. Let me know your thoughts below! 
Please tag me @OhLaLaAli in any photos you get of your planner with my stickers, I would love to see them all!