It is no secret that I fell head over heels in love over the past two years.
The subjects of my affection were two of the most wonderful children ever, the #littlebesties, otherwise known as Amesy & Little. Finding that perfect nanny match is beyond amazing. I knew pretty quickly that Amesy & Little were meant to be in my life forever. Two years went by and they grew, still haven't figured out how to freeze them in time yet, and suddenly it was time for me to move on.
Saying goodbye to my little besties was one of the more tough things I have ever done.
We still Skype regularly and I love hearing about their accomplishments via texts from their fabulous mother.
Lately, I have been searching for a new nanny job in Nashville. 
As I read profile after profile and gear up to start a new job, I find that my mind lingers on one thought, they will never by "my girls" or "the babies." This is not to say that other wonderful families are not out there, in fact I have met with them and find them to be fabulous in their own right.
What I mean to say is that leaving a nanny family after building a connection is akin to a breakup. 
Everything you do or see after the fact is compared to that initial love. After spending the majority of your time with a family you become so intwined into them that it is hard to remember your life without Little jabbering on in Target. And this is okay.
What I want to say, dear nanny, is that they will forever be a part of your heart. People say that with each child they have their heart grows a little bigger to accommodate and I find the same to be true with nannying. No matter how you feel you are "cheating" on your perfect nanny family by finding another great match, know that you will never replace them. Your love for a new family will grow in its own unique way, or if it does not than you owe it to yourself to be truthful and gracious in your feelings and needs. 
Then there comes the time when your nanny family finds a new nanny. I cannot sugar coat this in any way nanny, it is the most bittersweet thing around. Being the wonderful nanny you are you feel such joy knowing they found a good fit and will be loved once again, but your nagging mind never quits. You worry that you will be replaced, be outdone or forgotten in place of the new love. 
You are valid in your feelings, nanny, whatever they be. But you also must remember that the love does not go one way here. That perfect family has become a part of your family. If this nanny turns out to be the best thing since you, hallelujah! The family grows. When it comes down to it, all you want is for those babies to be loved the way you loved them. To be nurtured, protected and to live with permanent laughter on their faces.
So, dear nanny, do what you think is right.
Listen to your heart and gut.
Love without limits.
And always know that your heart will never shrink in size, but only grow with each family you join.
Never stop loving those littles.