Dear Amesy,

Thank you for the birthday gifts, they made me think of you and your wonderful faces. My most favorite part, as it always is, was the card. I love cards because they come straight from you and your heart, which is what makes you Amesy.

In your card you asked why I had to leave. I wish I had the perfect answer for that my chickadee. There are a lot of reasons I chose to move, and although it was never the right time to leave you and Little, I had to take a leap. 

I think the love for Music City started exactly a year ago today, when I ran the half marathon on my birthday. It could have been the endorphins from all the running but after almost a week in Nashville something told me I needed to try the city on for size. I think when you come visit one day you will understand better. Although it is a city, it doesn't feel that way to me. The southern roots run deep and the history is so rich you could spend days here and not know it all. 

I also fell in love with a school here. It has been no secret that I have been trying to work on becoming a pediatric nurse over the past few years. Something about that school feels "right" to me, if that makes any sense. After several attempts to attend the school I finally feel as though something will show its way to me and I will be able to attend sooner than later.

The best reason I can say I left, Amesy, was to try something new. Remember when we would talk about trying new things, from foods to activities, and I said it was always worth it to try something new or try again. After trying tomatoes over and over again Nashville became my something new. Like anything new, I am still deciding if I like it. But everyday I make a promise to myself to try again. Have you tried anything new lately? Did you like it? If not are you willing to try again?

What I want you to know above all else is that you and Little were never even a sliver of the reason why I chose to come live in Nashville. In fact, if I could shrink you down to the size of Tinkerbell and keep you all in my pockets I would. There is a quote that goes, "how lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard" from Winnie the Pooh. I think what Pooh means is that no matter how sad or hard it is to say goodbye, we are lucky to have those feelings about another person. Because if goodbyes are so tricky that means that the love you have for that person is so large it could span to silly planet and back.

I gained two amazing sisters over the past two years who have hung with me when I was sniffling and sick and also when the sun is shining and we get to explore the city. And for all of that we are so lucky! 

I hope this makes a little more sense to you, if you have any questions you call always call me or even write me a letter! I would be happy to be your pen pal!

Love you to silly planet and back almost 8 year old,