Growing up we had a yellow chickie clock that we kept in the back of our kitchen. The little yellow chick would bob back and forth as the time passed, logging our memories in its bright simple face. Now that I am "grown" and have a place of my own I decided that my phone was not going to cut it as the sole time keeper in my house. So, like the typical twenty something I am, I wanted something inexpensive, but still glam. In the end I turned to everyone's favorite flat pack furniture store, IKEA.
I decided to purchase the IKEA Rusch Clock for $1.99. I figured if it became yet another Pinterest fail then at least I would only be out a few dollars in the end. With the help of my new cordless drill and my longtime friend Mod Podge, I was able to transform this mundane clock into a statement piece perfect for my upcoming bedroom gallery wall.
You will need:
IKEA Rusch Clock
Paint Brush
Mod Podge
Electric Drill with Varying Drill Bits
Start off by prying the clock apart. I used a box cutter but a butter knife may be a better option if you are accident prone like myself. With some patience you can press the tabs into the clock and pry the front piece from the clock base. Then, remove the clock hands, they should come off with a little tugging. Do the same thing to the actual clock mechanism where the battery goes. 
Find the center of your clock, to do this I played the front piece into the clock base and traced the opening for the original IKEA design. Then, starting with your smallest drill bit drill a hole into the center of the circle. Work your way up, bit by bit, until you have the correct sized hole for your clock mechanism.
Next comes the best part, the decorating. I chose to create a glitter clock and began by spreading a semi-even layer of Mod Podge over the whole face and sides. This does not have to be perfect as glitter hides a multitude of sins.
Sprinkle the glitter to your heart's content. I ended up letting each layer dry completely and then applying another coat of Mod Podge and glitter to make sure the whole thing was as obnoxious and over the top as possible.
In the meantime I grabbed a can of spray paint I had left over from another project, though any paint would work just fine, and painted the hands white.
All that is left is to assemble your little glam clock. Put the clock mechanism through the drilled hole, attach the hands and hang on your wall. If you want to you could easily add some numbers to the face, I chose to leave mine without simply for the look.
All that is left to do is hang it on a wall. I used a nail from a picture hanging kit I bought at Home Depot, have you ever looked at the nail isle in that place? So many choices. The little picture hanging kit is much more newbie friendly.
This clock makes a great statement in any room and is the perfect pop of texture on a gallery wall. You also cannot beat the price. Glam on a budget? I am all for it.
Do you have any useful IKEA hacks? Let me know in a comment below!