Dear Amesy & Little,
Before I left the pacific northwet my mom, nonnie and I went to see Cinderella in theaters. Just as I am sure you both agree, it was magical. Each costume was better than the last and I loved Disney's take on the whole thing. All throughout wicked things happened to Cinderella and yet she heeded her mother's advice to "have courage and be kind." 
This phrase has become a sort of mantra for me and my latest adventure.
My mother wrote it in a card to me not too long ago and any time I feel afraid or anxious I repeat it to myself, sometimes out loud or other times I chant it silently in my head.
I know you both already have the latter portion of the phrase down, as you are two of the kindest girls I know, but I want to talk about what it means to have courage. Courage can be a lot of things; it can be climbing up the tallest mountain or singing in front of a big crowd. One of my favorite quotes says Courage does not always roar, sometimes courage is a quiet voice at the end of the day saying "I will try again tomorrow." 
Recently I found myself needing an extra boost of courage in a situation where my needs were not being heard. So many times we as women, and girls, find ourselves unhappy with a situation and instead of standing up for our thoughts and happiness we repeat the famous phrase "I'm okay." But sometimes we are not okay and what I want you to know is that you have every right to speak up. This takes undeniable courage and is never easy, but you must remind yourself that you are worth more than gold. 
Once you have gathered that courage like glass slippers upon your feet, you are set to change the things you dislike. It is amongst all the gold bravery and silver valor that you must remember to bring the most humble of things, kindness. Remember that you can state your opinions in a thoughtful, eloquent way. You do not have to be the loud, roaring lion. You can choose to be the field mouse, making your voice heard without shutting your ears to the ideas of others.
What I am saying is to listen to your heart. Nine times out of ten you will know what the 'right thing' is for you. This applies to friends, to jobs, even to what you do in your spare time and talk about with other people. Listen to that little thing inside your head and, even if it takes courage, speak up.
Wishing you fabulous weather on your break,
P.S. Your mom has me obsessed with this song and since its applicable to the topic I thought I would include it for some girl power.