Dear Amesy & Little,
This time next week I will be in my new apartment in a brand new city a plane ride away from you. Wow! Little - I know you would say it was such an adventure, one of your favorite words whenever I ask what we should do for the day. An adventure it is babe.
Lets rewind and figure out how we got here.
Almost two years ago I replied to a nanny "ad" your mommy had posted. A few days later I was at your house for our official interview, knowing only that you had two of the sweetest smiles I had ever seen and the schedule I would fill. I was greeted at the door by your sweet puppy dog  and quickly sat down to chat with mom and dad. People say you "just know" things sometimes and I think I knew you were meant to be mine from the moment you both shared my favorite color, pink.
Fast forward to present day. You are so intertwined in my life that I cannot remember a time without you. I cherish times spent wandering through Target with you Little, even if when you convinced me I needed pink glitter plastic cuttlery. Amesy, I love just being with you. We both enjoy crafting so much that I think we could probably spend a whole day working on a project if we could. You are so alike me in so many crazy ways.
As I sorted through places to live, I found myself wondering what Little would say and how Amesy and I would laugh and laugh at her comedic response. I knew one thing, she would tell me frozen yogurt was a must in the new place. Little, I am proud to report that I live within walking distance of a brand new frozen yogurt place. Do you think they will have pumpkin, or mine and Amesy's favorite, red velvet? I will have to check on that as soon as possible.
I bet mom and dad have already showed you pictures of the place but for my own crazy mind to remember I am putting a few here as well.
The highlight of my day has been thinking up our surprise day on Friday. Shhh! You won't see this until after, thank goodness.
The not so good part of my day has been trying to pack. Goodness gracious I have a lot of shoes! And vests, but you already know that!I love you more so much!
- A
P.S. Don't forget to give the royal palace dog some extra belly rubs for me!