Dear Amesy & Little,
Yesterday we said our "see you laters."
I say see you later because, as we have already established, you are a part of my family now and family can never go too long without seeing each other.
We had the best day yesterday, from the amazing dinner your mom and dad made to our special girl time. Little, I think the park will forever be one of our favorite places and I am so glad to have someone who loves swings as much as I do. The surprised look on Amesy's face when I grabbed her early from school was about as fun as it gets. I love crafting and chatting with you chickadee, and so yesterday's time together was a treasure. I look forward to more one-on-one girl time when I come to visit, until then one-on-one Skype time will have to do. 
Since I made the final decision to move across the country I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions. Does that ever happen to you? Maybe with a recital or something? You start out excited and the next day you are nervous about the whole thing.
With only two sleeps left in the pacific northwet I am feeling pretty nervous about the whole ordeal. I am worried I might not like being so far from home, and the people I love, and want to come back. I worry about too many things that have not even happened yet. A wonderful woman, you may know her as mom, told me something wonderful recently. She told me that sometimes, you just have to try.
She said that you cannot be afraid to make mistakes or worry about being imperfect. You have to try out for musicals that you have never heard of simply because you have always wanted to preform. To try new activities that you may not be good at right way, but as you practice you love regardless of your skill. I want you to try things that you love to do and never worry about what your friends might think. Because, at the end of the day, even if you do end up "failing" you have a safe place at home. A place where you can be loud and silly and dance around to Disney music.
One of my favorite songs as of late is a country song, as you probably guessed, by Ashley Monroe called On To Something Good. Funny enough I saw her preform last year in the very place I am moving to. In one of my favorite parts she sings "lost or found, I'm better dancing when I don't look down." What does that line mean to you? To me it means that even when we make mistakes, or feel like we want to go home, we have to believe in ourselves. By looking up into the world and being proud of what we choose to do and say. (P.S. this song makes great dance party music)
So take risks. Try something new everyday. Do what you love to do and always know how many people are there cheering you on.
The highlight of my day was going to see the new Cinderella with my mom and Nonnie. The costumes were amazing! I think I need some of those dresses in my closet. 
The not so great part of my day was that I did not get any more boxes packed. I think I have about two more to go and really need to get those done.
I love you more than you will ever know,