Dear Amesy & Little,
This morning marks my third day in the new place, how crazy is that?! As much as I feel like I have been running around being productive I have very little work to show for all of it. Pretty typical as you two know how my crazy brain works most of the time.
On my first day I here I pretty much set my bags down in the place and whisked myself off to our favorite place, Target. There I got plenty of things I actually needed but also some things that Little would tell me I didn't need... like a pink bathmat. That night we ate barbecue, dad's choice, and went to bed early.
Yesterday we were up at 8 and running around until 7 at night. The best news of all is that I got a mattress, some barstools and a free couch. The couch is by far the shining star of the day, its a vintage couch that needs some love but has had its wood trim painted, you guessed itpink! If that doesn't say me I do not know what does. 
I snapped some pictures yesterday of the place, I basically have not touched it since arriving, so things are a little disheveled. And although you and Little may think sleeping on the floor is fun, Amesy, I can tell you that after two nights of camping out I have had enough. I'll leave the floor sleeping to you two :)
I have not had much time to interact with the locals, except in a shopping setting, due to the lack of time in general. People always say its hard to understand me because I talk fast, and yet I find myself having to really listen to people here through their slow accents. How long do you think it will take me to start saying "y'all"?
I miss you both! I will Skype you as soon as the place is decorated!
Love and hugs,