Dear Amesy & Little,
Whoo! What a week. I feel like I have been running around like a blind cow getting a lot done but nothing to show for it. The place is a mess and although I have most of the main things I 'need' nothing is quite done. How is life in your world? Started soccer yet Amesy? How is gymnastics going Little?
I have been spending a lot of time with my dad lately and although we get short with each other I am really glad to have him. Parents are funny, you know? God, or whatever you believe in, plucks you out of a hat and decides you will be part of a certain family. Sometimes your family feels like your favorite dress, sparkley and fancy, it makes you feel 3 inches taller just by having it on. Other times, that dress becomes scratchy and too tight - it becomes all you can do not to donate it to Goodwill. The family you are  given can sometimes be a pain. But it takes something big, a scraped knee, a recital or a long distance move to show you just how much they care. They may not say it right out, but if you look really carefully at their seams, you will see all the ways they show love. 
There is also the family you choose and create as you grow and meet people meant to change your life in some way. You are that kind of family to me. The family I chose, and how lucky am I for that
So look for those signs daily girls, and never forget how much you are loved.
Highlight of my day would be the gorgeous weather. Sunny and 75.
The not so great part of my day was not getting to the place to get my car all registered to me. Bummer!