This I Love: Marrying Strangers and Tweeting About It

Happy Friday loves! 
Throw on some sweats, grab your drink of choice and get comfortable. 
It is time to talk about our three favorite things this week.

My first great love this week was the 'decision' episode of FYI's hit show Married at First Sight
Before you get all judge-y eyes on me, give it a chance. 
When I saw commercials for this show I flipped the channel. 
The premier episode aired during a late work night, so, after I put my tiny best friends (the girls I nanny) to bed I prepared myself for an hour of brainless television. 
I was immediately hooked.

The premise of this show goes like this:
Sounds nuts, right?
It totally is! But because they live in their own modest New York apartments (I am looking at you Bachelor/Bachelorette) and do semi-normal things you truly start to fall in love with them, as people and as couples. 
My favorite couple this season was hands down Doug and Jamie, mainly because I find Jamie and I are strangely similar in our views on love and life (more about that next Wednesday). 
Needless to say, I was a total stress ball in the days leading up to 'decision day,' I felt more attached to them as a couple than I do to most people in my 'real life!'

I am so glad to say, that they are one of the couples who decided to stay married!
Are they not too stinking cute?!
Photo Credit: Richard Knapp/FYI

My second favorite this week has been the Social Media With Style class run by Lauren of LPF
In my last post I referred to the group of girls as a "cheer squad meets Sunday brunch crew", which I still hold to be true. I feel like I am learning tools that are valuable to my social media growth as well as making fabulous blogger friends, win win!

Third, and last, love this week is my giant Lilly Pulitzer planner.
I have been loyal to Lilly planners for the past three years and seem to have graduated sizes each year. After watching Kate of A Lonestar State of Southern's review of the Jumbo sized planner, every inch of Type-A list maker in me needed that planner. 
I can guarantee you that this planner will solve all of your organizational woes! It may be a little large to carry around everyday for most, but that has not stopped me from toting it from place to place with me. 
Oh, did I mention I monogrammed it?

What are your favorites this week? Got any good shows to share?