Reintroducing Myself

                             Some of the best friendships are those that can go months without contact and fall right back into things as if time has frozen upon reconnection. 

I am beginning to realize that the above theory does not applying to blogging. 

Falling out of blogging is more like the casual high school friendship that you check up on via Facebook as the years pass. When you finally reunite at your 5 year reunion things are, to be completely honest, awkward
So lets skip the air kissing and sizing up and get straight to the re-introductions and catch up.

I am Ali. 
Although my birth certificate says Alexandra.
And I may have convinced my nanny babies that I should be referred to as Nanny Poppins.

I am 21 years old, rightfully a "20-something blogger," and an aspiring pediatric nurse.
My dreams also include party planner, graphic designer and professional netflix watcher.

I live in a suburb of Seattle, Washington.
But I pretend I am from the South in my spare time.

Pink is my power color and I wholeheartedly believe that a monogram is the best way to accessorize.

I am 5'8" and that makes me one of the shortest in my family.
But the tallest compared to most of my friends (see below)
Meet Lisa. My best friend.
I began blogging in 2011, my freshman year of college, under the name "West of Prep" in a fashion/lifestyle sort of niche. 
Those posts have since been deleted for your own safety.

In 2012 I "revamped" my blog and changed the name to "Monogrammed Scrubs" where I discussed the monotonous details of my summer job and CNA course.

I broke my foot that fall and took the semester off of college. Blogging became a refuge for me. It was either that or binge watch Real Housewives all day.

Then, life took a few wrong exits and I jumped off the ride and quit blogging.

Like the tease that it is, the social media world kept luring me back in. 

In February of 2014 I opened my etsy store OhLaLaAli
There I sell monograms and play designer making things for all sorts of celebrations.
Last month, during homemade cocktails hour with a friend, I discovered Lauren of La Petite Fashionista was gearing up to host a month long course on social media. 

Can you guess what happened next?

I signed myself up for that course faster than you can say "blog."
The group of girls are like a glorified cheer squad meets sunday brunch crew.
They are pretty fab to say the least.

And here we are now.

By this point we have gotten over most of the initial hurdles in reintroducing a friendship.
We have had a few glasses of wine and are nothing but giggles and compliments.
Lets exchange numbers and pledge to hang out with each other soon.

Who knows, maybe we will end up with the sort of easy friendship that can be maintained via three to four blog posts a week.

Sparkle Baby.