Simple Saying Sunday

Like most self respecting 20-somethings I have a pinterest that I regularly post to. 
I pin plenty of DIY projects that I will probably never do, have planned out my entire wedding minus the whole groom piece and know the exact shade of pink I will paint my first born daughter's nursery. 

My favorite board of all is my quotes board. 
Thinking I was way too clever, I titled the board "Simple Reminders." I like to keep track of things that inspire me and are relevant to the person I hope to be in life.
This board has inspired the theme for Sunday's blog post from now on. 
Simple Saying Saturday.
Doesn't it sound like something Oprah would produce, guaranteed to make you bawl and vow to change your life?

That may not be the case here.

Instead, I am going to post some visual quote or reminder here each Sunday. Sometimes it will come with a blurb attached and other times I will allow the quote to speak for itself, like the following inspiration.

The above typography print is from a fellow etsy seller ShannonKristen
She makes the most beautiful invitations and calligraphy prints that I will never be able to compare to no matter how many times I practice my thicks and thins!

Keep up with ShannonKristen here:

What sort of beautiful things do you fill your life with? A certain person? 
A simple vase of white hydrangeas helps my space feel more beautiful most days!