Hashtag Pumpkin Season

Last week in the PNW we got our first taste of fall, and ohmygoodness was it glorious. 
I broke out my herringbone and camo JCrew vests at the first chance I got.
Of course, as I went to test out PSL recipes the weather decided to warm up to 85 again. Not exactly "sweater weather." 
I, like most, love a good PSL even with the chemicals and calories. I won't apologize for it, but my thighs may beg to differ. So, I went on the search for a "skinny" homemade PSL.
I ended up having all of the ingredients for a version Rachel of Glitter and Bow posted, with a few itsy bitsy tweaks. 
It turned out surprisingly delicious! 
One of the best parts of Starbuck's PSL is the thick, decadent whole frothed milk, talk about a sin. This recipe seemed to capture that same feeling, with a little less repenting required.

The directions are super simple.
Take your almond milk, pour it into a saucepan and heat and whisk until frothy. 
Pour the hot, frothed milk into a mug.
Add the other ingredients and mix well until pumpkin dissolves.
Sprinkle with cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice.
Add whipped cream if its a gym day, or a Monday.

Now, if you are still hard headed (and admittedly lazy) like me, than you will probably go to Starbucks to indulge in a few PSLs anyway.
To that I say - you go girl!
What would make your treat even sweeter?
An #OhLaLaAli exclusive pumpkin season coffee sleeve. 
These are being revealed today and I am completely tickled by them.
Just take a look for yourselves:

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In the spirit of sharing the PSL love here are some other homemade PSL recipes that you'll love!