Kid Friendly

Today was my first day of work at a local summer camp, and I loved every minute of it. At the same time, I am totally tuckered out after being cheery and entertaining from 7 this morning until 6 this evening. That is a lot of happiness to squeeze into 11 hours. Talk about perma-smile. I love kids and every chance I get to be with them I feel so much more at home and happy, one of the many reasons I am in school to become a pediatric nurse. Running around with kids all day is certainly not the most glamorous job and you certainly have to have the outfit to fit the attitude.
Norts (Nike Tempo Running Shorts) are a must. These shorts get me through thick and thin and I love them for keeping me looking cute while still being comfortable.
Second is a BIG water bottle. I am not one to remember to drink water unless I have some with me at all times. I love my Tervis brand water bottle and wish I had this princess one, everyone who knows anything about me would know it was mine right away.
I love my nike free running shoes, and the bright pink color is perfect for camp! I was introduced during the camp 'fashion show' yesterday and the emcee made sure that campers knew they could easily find me because of my shoes, hah!
I think these emijay hair ties are the cutest things ever. They make me want to go outside and play with my pet eagle. (Anyone else seen that meme?) I honestly wouldn't pay that much for these hair bands though, too expensive for something I can easily diy!
A pair of croakies is amazing to have, especially if you are going to wear your everyday sunglasses. The Washington sun is so unpredictable, one minute it can be sunny as all get up and the next it is dark and pouring rain. Being able to just plop your glasses down around your neck is the best!
These are all just a few basics, but with your own personal needs and keeping your environment in mind, it is a great base for any sort of on the go job!