Welcome Spring

Washington has been sending us little hints of spring the past few weeks and we have oh so been enjoying it. I think that it is because we get so much rain and gloom that we all flock outside at the first hint of spring. It isn't out of the usual to see shorts and tanks broken out when it hits around 68 degrees. I cannot promise you that our pale sun deprived skin is the prettiest sight, think Edward Cullen sparkle.
One of the surefire signs of spring was the blooming of the state flower, the Rhododendron. Not my favorite of flowers, I'm a hydrangea girl myself, but all the same I gathered a bunch for myself and got to arranging.
What better to be a makeshift vase than a Mason Jar? I stumbled around my kitchen for a vase filler and found myself pouring dry beans into my jar. What the heck, I thought. Not all things I test out succeed on the first round, as was my findings with the black beans. So navy beans went into the mess too.
The jar needed a little more whim so on went the baker's twine and a quick homemade 'Welcome Spring' tag.
The contrasting bright pink and dark dry bean vase filler was a gorgeous combination.
The whole arrangement looks perfect on my little old nightstand. It was the perfect way to welcome in spring, with a bouquet from my yard and a little something extra.
How do you welcome in spring to your home?