A White Girl's Summer: The PTL

Even though I will drink a good iced drink anytime of the year, Starbuck's Tazo Passion Tea Lemonade, or PTL if you speak #whitegirlproblems, is reserved for the sunshine months. I had my first official cup of the season a few weeks ago for my free birthday drink. It was just as good as I had remembered it being last year and the whole thing refreshed my love of iced tea.
Last summer my mom and I had taken the pledge to make more Starbucks like drinks at home, and hopefully save a couple of bucks. Target had a couple of different options to offer our concocting minds and we settled on the Tazo Iced Passion Tea. Starbucks uses the Tazo brand in their drinks and having the Iced version would hopefully mean that it would be a more concentrated brew to avoid watering it down with ice cubes.
The tea is simple to make, boil a quart of water, steep the tea bag for 5 minutes + and add one quart of cold water, then chill. Adding the lemonade part of the PTL presents a few different options. We often like to squeeze the lemon juice of one or two lemons directly into our pitcher and have a more 'natural' tasting version that way.

However, if I am on the go I'll pour the tea into a tumbler, in this case my favorite monogrammed mason jar tumbler, and bring an on-the-go packet of Crystal Light lemonade. Mix it in whenever you get thirsty and voila, you have a DIY Starbucks drink. You can also just add a packet or two of Truvia to the tea if you prefer the plain old Passion Tea taste, whatever fits the bill for that day's craving.
Simple, sweet and cheap!