Sunday Social 3.17.13

Sunday Social
Favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
Living in the Pacific Northwet it rains on days that end in y. Our weathermen are some of the craftiest bugs out there, we can tell you the difference between a sprinkle and a shower, but to you outsiders it probably all just feels like rain. Don't bring your umbrellas onto our precious streets, we will know that you don't belong here. Umbrellas are for sissies. Unless they're monogrammed.
On any given rainy day life goes on here. The only thing that can keep us inside is torrential down pour mixed with wind. On those sorts of exception days I like to sit inside and watch television. Reality television, movies, Pretty Little Liars, whatever I can get my little hands on. I also like to craft. I usually make a quick dart out to the craft store and set up some big project that I either thought up at 4am one morning or saw on pinterest.
Below are some examples:

Favorite thing to do on a Summer weekend?
 On a summer weekend I most like to get away. To take a quick vacation an hour or two away and spend time with good friends. Especially after working with babies, no matter how sweet, for 40+ hours a week I am about ready for some Justin Beiber free time.
Favorite Spring accessory?
Does a good manicure count? If not then I would go with a stack of bracelets any day. I love to pair my watch with new bracelets depending on the occasion.

Favorite way to spend a Winter day?
In the winter I am all about keeping warm. Whether that means Starbucks with friends or a good book by myself I like to be bundled up against the cold.
Except for this year. This year I was lucky enough to have a winter that looked like this:
What is your favorite season and why?
I love late spring or fall mostly because that is when the world around me is most beautiful. In late spring our weather starts to warm up in Washington and all of the pretty flowers are in bloom. In fall the opposite occurs, the leaves are falling and the air is crisp everything is beautiful and perfect.
Best birthday you ever had?
The very best birthday I ever had, that I remember, was my Madeline birthday when I was 5. My mother made us yellow Madeline hats out of paper bowls and cardboard tied with blue ribbons of course. And we had so much fun. Even though I cried during the pinata part. I have never liked those things.
But, when I was younger we had this, terribly tacky, tradition of going "fishing" off our deck for prizes. My dad would stand at the bottom and one by one we would reach the pole off the deck and reel in our prize. Sometimes we got candy other times we got little plastic prizes and things. It was a hit no matter how obvious and silly it was.