Spring Scrub Picks {A Coupon Too}

One of the best parts of being a nurse is the uniform. Scrubs. You may think they are frumpy or ugly when you see people wearing them in public, but you know nothing. Scrubs are like pajamas. They are roomy, they are comfy and they do not require buttons or zippers.
Also, they will forgive you if you eat too much on your vacation. They are just the best.
Recently, I was contacted by {Uniformed Scrubs} to review one of their scrub tops.  Uniformed Scrubs, located in Dallas, TX, is an online retailer of scrubs, shoes, accessories that are used by medical professionals.
After a few emails back and forth with them I gave them a list of things I liked, including my size, and they sent me a top. The top I received is a {Dickie's V-Scrub Top in Blooming Blue} which is a cute blue and purple flower printed top
I think the print is cute and spring like and I can definitely see myself wearing post nursing school.
This past summer, when I was working on my NAC, was the first time I tried on scrubs.  I quickly realized that my girls would require a special fit of scrub tops. I spent an hour in the store, trying things on, going up sizes, going down sizes, all together getting frustrated. Tops would either look nice and flattering on my torso and then bunch and pull at my chest or they would make me look like a sac of nothing. Talk about no fun.
For my body type, the best fit of scrubs are the crisscross faux wrap tops. They cinch in right below the waist and make things look a little bit more flattering. Uniformed Scrubs have many options and fits and I look forward to buying from them in the future at a reasonable price with great selection. And their customer service is fantastic! The woman I spoke to was so kind and helpful, which I definitely appreciate in a business.
The best part is that I have a coupon code to share with all of you nurses, nursing students and anyone in general need of scrubs. If you go to {Uniformed Scrubs} pick out your scrubs and enter the code '15pbrm' at checkout you will save 15% on already fabulous prices. Go get you some spring scrubs!
If you do purchase anything let me know, I would love to see pictures!
Also for all you bustier nurses what is your favorite style/brand? Share and help a baby girl out!