Influenster Sweetheart VoxBox

There are plenty of little things in life that make yo feel like a kid again. For me the list includes swing sets, Disney World, elaborate desserts and other things involving baby animals and high pitched laughter. The same laughter that bubbled out of my mouth as I awoke to find {February's sweetheart voxbox} at my door. 
I have been sans sweetheart every Valentines day except for freshman year of high school.
Basically, freshman year second semester there were several new students like usual. The whole grade was a buzz, hoping there would be some 'normal' people among them and all of the girls crossed their neon painted fingers tight in hopes of a cute boy or two. One of the new kids, we will call him Bambi because he had this really innocent Bambi look about him, chose the seat next to me in English class, gasp! Bambi and I got to talking, I played hard to get like any self respecting 15 year old, but eventually I cracked. 
On Valentines day I arrived at school with my closest friends all a mess about something. They rushed me out to the front of the school eagerly peering out the windows the whole time. There he was, standing tall and lanky with a chocolate rose in his hand, how romantic. Bambi handed me a card that read:
Roses are red,
Violets are blue
something something something
Will you be my valentine?
Except I think the last part was in Spanish. But Lord knows why. I did not have the least understanding of the Spanish language. Maybe it was meant to be romantic? But I digress.
And, that is the story of Bambi, my one and only Valentine.
(dear boys this means that the standards are low, so really anything you do will sweep me off my feet at this point...)
This Valentine's day I received a box full of goodies from one of my favorite sites {Influentser}.
Each box comes with a handy cheat sheet detailing the products and their full size value.  You get all of the things listed on the card and one of the two pink outlined things, for me it was the Not Your Mother's Hairspray.

First in the box was the {Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant in Serene Citrus}. I use the unscented version of this deodorant everyday and love it so I knew this would be a hit. Sure enough it smelled lovely and really did help to keep my pits smelling like citrus throughout the day.
Next up was the {Not Your Mother's She's a Tease Volumizing Hairspray}. I have heard really great reviews of this brand, and in particular their Girl Powder Volumizing Hair Powder, who knew we needed such a thing? Needless to say I was excited to try this product. The first thing I noticed was the smell. It reminded me something of baby diapers. Not dirty ones but just the generally sort of chemical smell that goes along with diapers. Weird. I liked the volume it gave however and would probably use this again, long before I headed out though to avoid offending anyone else's olfactory nerves.

 I was really excited to see a skin care product in the box. I am not one to spend tons of money on my skin care, even though I know I should and I will regret it when I look like a baboon when I'm 30, so getting to try out some affordable products is a nice treat for me. {The Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid Power Cleanser and Shine}, {Shine Go Away Wash} reminded me of a lower end Clarisonic system. I love and treasure my Clarisonic, mostly because it makes washing my face a total breeze, and am always intrigued by more affordable options. I thought the little brush was neat although it did not have the power that my Clarisonic has and was not a fan of the face wash. I have extremely dry skin, that is only irritated by the winter months, and a shine minimizing cleanser was the last thing I needed. I might wait for summer on that one.

Last, but not least, was the {Skinny Girl Greek Yogurt Blueberry Crisp Bar}. I am a total Bethenny Frankel nut and think that she is one of the strongest, most determined women and certainly a great role model. I was quite excited to try her bar. I threw it in my purse just in case of emergency and ended up enjoying it after babysitting one afternoon. I thought the taste was good but like many lower calorie bars found it a little lacking and not the most exciting thing ever. Would I purchase it again? Maybe. For now, I'll stick to my favorite Luna Protein bars post run instead.
If you have not signed up for {Influenster} yet do it now! You do not have to be a blogger, my best friend signed up and received the same box last month, and chances are you'll get a box full of goodies in the next month or so.
Finally, if you have not heard the commotion already Google Reader is going to the place where blog readers go when they have been naughty. Aka, it is being retired soon. Like most bloggers I am waddling my way over to Blog Lovin' for my new reader platform. You can follow me there and easily import the blogs you currently follow straight into Blog Lovin' with the click of a button and some bipity bopity boom!
I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purpose