Girl On A Budget

Being a girl on a budget is one of those things in life that I like to forget about.
Like the spider that was on my wall earlier and now is nowhere to be found.
Or the fact that grades come out in three days and I only know what I got in one class for certain.
I absolutely despise going into stores and thinking oh, if only it was in my price range. And I am not trying to be snooty, at all. Even though the running joke in my family is that I'm waiting around for my trust fund. I'm 19 and the thing still hasn't kicked in... where is it family? Hah!
My new favorite website {tradesy} is one of those things that makes my budget feel a little bigger.
I loved the concept of the site from the moment I heard about it in some local newspaper article, but little did I know it would make me squeal in joy in weeks to come. I browsed the site day after day looking for something that I really wanted to purchase. On a whim I typed one of my favorite boutique brands 'Everly' into the search bar. It was fate.
One of the cult favorite chevron Everly tunics was listed on the site. And the price will make you crazy. It was listed for $18. Eighteen Dollars. To the penny. Oh and there is free shipping.
Shut your mama's front door baby girl.
I just about burst into tears and died. 
But wait, it only gets better from here on out. I had signed up through another person's {Tradesy} link in promise that I would get $10 credit when I signed up. Little twist-ie-thing. You have to list an item. You don't even have to sell it. Just put it up there for a kick and hope that maybe someone will like it enough to adopt it into their closet, making you even more money.
No problem I thought.
I riffled through my bin of clothes that I need to sell for various reasons, but am too lazy to deal with and do not feel like paying to ship, and found a pair of Seven for All Mankind jeans that just were not speaking to me anymore.
It happens to the best of clothes.
I snapped two glamor shots of the pants, typed a two sentence description and began to list them. The easiest $10 I ever made.
When you log onto {Tradesy} to sell something they ask you to first upload the photo and then write your description. Next, they ask you for the size and item specifics which are easy enough to rattle off. This is where they get tricky. Unlike other re-sale sites they help you out when it comes to the nitty gritty not so fun things. 
Like pricing your items.
They asked for the original price of the jeans and suggested a price 40% off of retail value. Sure I thought, that was easy. Next came the best news of all. They would calculate in the shipping cost and provide me with a pre-addressed, and paid for, container once my item sold.
Stop it, stop it, stop it!
So my original plan to quick list something up just to get my $10 to spend on my $18 chevron Everly dress/tunic was suddenly the best decision I had made all day. Besides not putting a bra on. That was also a prime decision on a lazy Saturday.
Anyhow, in case you have not cued in by now I did not pay $18 for my dress. Oh no, $18 is far too unreasonable for this princess. I paid $8. Shipped. Alarms sounded. Bells were ringing. The world was alright in that moment.
Another spot on feature of the site is the ability to not only like items to review later but also to be added to a wait list. Often times when I buy used big ticket items I really want to wear them a few times and then send them on their merry way. {Tradesy} allows users to seamlessly do this by showing them users who have waitlisted their "new" purchase so they can sell them it when they're done loving it.
Its like a little chain of bargain happy fashionable shoppers.
Needless to say, it is my new favorite thing. I am currently eying a pair of inexpensive cowboy boots just so I can make them ridiculous and cover them in rhinestones for a country festival this summer. If you have size 9 feet don't you go snatching my boots up girls!

What you should do instead is the following:
1. Sign up for Tradesy {here}
You're welcome to go to the site without using my link however, I do not believe that you will get $10 to spend. The only thing I gain when you sign up is $10 Tradesy cash too. Its a twinsy deal for us!
2. Shop around, find something you love and plop it in your cart baby girl.
3. List an item, or your whole bag full of 'get rid of clothes', on the site. This will automatically activate your $10 cash making your deal even sweeter.
3. Checkout and enjoy your item in a week's time
4. Share your beauties with me, who knows I may even beg you to add me to that item's waitlist!
Share the love babes!