World Diabetes Day

A year ago on this day I was at school, still trying to figure out my first year of college life and all that it brought with it.
Dad's weekend had just passed, and without my own dad there to enjoy the weekend with me, Kenzie's dad became mine to share for the time being. 
I was so grateful to have her there that particular weekend. 
The first snow had fallen, the game was cold and I would have been miserable watching everyone with their dads' without her freezing next to me, all the while helping me shove hand warmers into my Hunter wellies.
It seems only fitting that this weekend transitioned into November 14th, otherwise known as World Diabetes Day. Kenzie was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes over two years ago and she is a hero because of it. 
I was blessed to have gotten to be on team MacKenzie in the Beat the Bridge walk in Seattle this past summer and feel so glad everyday to get to say that Kenzie is one of my best friends. You would never know that she had such a life changing disease unless you spotted her precious pink insulin pump, which she keeps clipped on her clothes all day.
She goes through more with her health and her body in a day than most of us do in our life. 
After living with her for a semester I would be the first to tell you that she rarely makes it known when she is hurting or her blood sugar is bothering her. And when she does it is subtle at that.
Our first day of Spring semester together. We had the cutest room once it was all decorated!
So today, in honor of my dear friend MacKenzie, and so many like her, I am wearing blue (you can bet its going to be in the form of a bow) to raise awareness and support all of the amazing causes that go to raising money, go to JDRF and donate if you can, for a cure. I wish I was there to give her a huge hug and lots of diet coke and swedish fish, but this will have to do until then.
I love you Kenzie!