Light Up My Life

If you are anything like me, than the thought of being curled up in a blanket, or someone else's arms if you are so lucky, in front of a big stone fireplace with the scent of gooey cinnamon buns filling your house makes you giddy with delight. Chances are, like me, you are also probably exhausted from a day of work and blogging, meaning that baking a batch of cinnamon roles from scratch is about the last thing you want to do. That is where the most darling fairy candle woman, Victoria, comes in. 
Victoria started Candles By Victoria in her Texas home, and now makes quality, scented candles like crazy. She easily beats out all of those big name candle brands, with her charming husband and sidekick, Candle Man, by her side. The duo work with their daughter, Chelsea, and some other loving hands to make the yummiest candles.
I placed my first order from CBV ages ago, and was immediately caught like a fish on a hook. I opted for the college friendly route, and purchased my very own tart warmer and a handful of amazing tarts. 
Within minutes it was like I was spritzing on Viva La Juicy, whipping up a Raspberry Mocha, or even applying sunscreen at the beach. She's that good. My favorite as of late is entitled "Breakfast in Vermont," which Victoria describes as "white chocolate truffle fragrance begins with top notes of caramel and sugar; well-rounded with middle notes of buttercream, maple, and molasses. Dry base notes include vanilla, white chocolate and white flour." 
I can guarantee you that this is the perfect bakery scented candle for winter.
Even though I am far away from home this holiday season, Victoria manages to bring some of the tradition of the season to me through her candles. I can "bake" pies and cookies in my tiny bedroom, all providing the same joy but sans calories and mess. I know that with my next paycheck I will be placing a holiday order with the sweet CBV and soon enough my homesickness will be easing away like the melting wax of Victoria's candles.
All it takes is a little faith, trust and candle dust.