The Great Lilly DIY

Good morning y'all! 
I know, I know, this baby girl lives in the Pacific Northwest, what is she doing saying 'y'all'?!?!? 
I read so many of your fabulous blogs, and you all seem to be such southern sweeties, so you've rubbed off on me! I wish my mama still had her southern accent or said cute things like y'all, the only Alabama left in her slips out when she says 'hush puppies' in an accent, or drools over my Nonnie's grits on Christmas morning. 
I need to thank you for making my first giveaway such a success! I am so blessed and amazed by what blogging is and all of the things I have learned because of it. I probably wouldn't be half as broke {or fabulous} if I didn't have the blog world to learn from each day.

Today's post is about my sweet Lilly Pulitzer You Gotta Regatta diy painting that I briefly mentioned ages ago. I took an old cork bork that I had up in my dorm this past year, painted it white and black and went to town with it. Unfortunately, I only got a little bit of footage before my camera freaked out {heck if I know how to use it correctly} but the pictures show the end product. I have been playing with the idea of opening an etsy shop selling some special Lilly Pulitzer painted items, and if I do I will be glad to figure out how to film and speed up the whole process! 
So, consider this a little snip it of things to come...