Retail Princess

I have not had time to read blogs in over a week.
I know that is insignificant considering other people's lives are far more busy than mine, but still from 100% blog to 10% is a big change.
My life has been over run by feet.
Big feet, little feet, young feet, old feet, I get the pleasure of talking feet all day long.
If only I had a foot fetish? On second thought, even pretending to have a fetish that makes me cringe.
I could tell you what your American size translates into European sizes in a second. Want fit flops? Boots? Opened toed pumps? I know where it all is. I practically dream in shoes. And I mean more than the average girl dreams of good shoes.
I celebrate Election day sales with patriotic bows. All the while bending the wardrobe of course.
(No need to mention how totally awkward this picture is. I only later also realized that this blouse did not have enough room for the girls to play either. You win some, you lose some.)
And I cannot tell you if I totally love it or despise it. I can tell you that retail is not my life goal.
I am certain, however, that I have met a handful of people who make me more grateful in every way. They put everything I have into perspective and continuously encourage me to be a better person. 
And I am so thankful for that.
On a different retail note, it is panty raid season girls!
I am so glad that the local mall has a VS and tomorrow after you best believe I am going to go get me some new undies.
If you are not as lucky as me, college dorm? private fancy tropical island? trapped in a Nancy Drew worthy mysterious basement?
Order them!
Yay cheap panties!
If I was still at school I would order my seven lucky undies in a second. I swear by ebates in situations like that, because they pay me to shop online. 
Which only further fuels the addiction inside me. 
I just got paid $17 for my last month's shopping craziness and you know that is going straight to the panty fund. I have half a mind to order from ebates for more undies just to get the 2% cash back from Victoria's Secret right now. 
Which does not seem like a lot, but every little bit adds up as my mom would declare. Also, rates change and it all varies by site, so it is always the first place I go when I want to go shopping in my bed, without a bra or pants.
You'll love it, I swear!
And that is all for this rambling update gal pals.
I love you all and hope that you don't have to suffer through as many bunion stories as I do everyday. But I do it with a big smile, I will tell you that!