Saturday's Silly

First off, I am SO sorry for slacking on reading blogs and commenting lately. 
I seriously miss having the time to sit around and read your fabulous blogs all day (the only thing I miss about being on crutches really). I am just getting into the swing of things at my new job and come home exhausted, its pathetic! 
Being on my feet all day in retail is probably boot camp for when I am actually a nurse, except then I will at least be aloud to wear Danskos for comfort! The perils of working in the shoes department, hah!
I like my job so far though, so as soon as I figure out a schedule, then I will get back into the blogging rhythm. xo
Have fun this weekend:
Remember those things that make you laugh until you swear you cannot breathe and get reacquainted with that feeling. 
Love until your heart threatens to burst. 
Dance terribly, wonderfully, all the while enjoying yourself. 
Do what you love, be silly, and remind your friends you love them. 
Have a joy filled weekend!