Book Club Friday: A Place of Yes

Its Friday! I'm linking up today for book club Friday, and I am so excited to share this book. I think Bethenny is witty and charming and so driven, all qualities I wish I possessed!
I love Bethenny Frankel and her book "A Place of Yes" made me love her even more. I (not so secretly anymore) am religious about watching "Bethenny Ever After" and have been following Bethenny's journey since the original Real Housewives days. Which by the way, has anyone watched RHONY lately? I just caught a more recent episode on tv the other day and... what in the world? First there was a woman whose lips were practically swollen shut with injections, another was toting around her fake legs to get pedicured and little miss Ramona was all the while bitching it up with her 'Ramona' brand pino grigo. 
I am so over it.
Bethenny's book tells the story of her life and gives little lessons and smart thoughts that she has learned throughout. This woman has been through a lot, and is very relatable in that aspect. Her life began at the racetrack with her thin obsessed mother and horse training father. From there Bethenny details the things that created what she calls "noise" in her life and actions. From beginning to drink and go clubbing at 13 to being a "serial monogamist" (as she calls it) later in life. Things, in her mind, told her that she needed a man with loads of money, that she would never have a baby, and that she would never be loved. 
We all have some form of noise in our heads.
It is about overcoming those negative thoughts, and learning to say yes in their place. I was in awe reading stories of all the things that Bethenny has done in her life. I had no idea she held a short lived pashmina business (correctly named Princess Pashmina), that she was a largely successful party planner nor that she had a short career as a baker for her company 'BethennyBakes." WOW. I kept wishing that I was as resilient as her, as willing to try and so unafraid to fail. As I turned the last page I vowed to start really living my life. I wait around worrying and hoping for so much; I can't wait to get married, to have kids, to be a nurse, but what am I doing today to live? To love? What am I doing to make myself happy in the present tense? We all need to find our place of yes, and teach it to override the noise that so often is so much louder than the positivity. And in someway, Bethenny's book can help to teach those ways and remind us that we are not alone in anything in our lives - someone has been through it, someone gets it.