This Is YOUR Life

Yesterday I did something totally out of the ordinary for me, I bought a plane ticket to Florida on a (semi) whim. After {breaking my foot} and deciding to take the semester off from school my life sort of fell on its head. I was upset, scared and questioning a lot of my decisions that I had previously been so sure of. That is when Florida popped into my mind.
Back in April my Grammy had a heart attack followed by triple bypass surgery. She has had to make a lot of changes in her life recently and living on her own means that none of it is simple. It came to me that we were both lost in different ways. She had been so healthy for the majority of her life and she was suddenly unwell and irritated about it all. I, on the other hand, had been so driven and on the straight and narrow for so long and things had gone all curvy without my approval.
So, I began to think, why not figure it out together?
Last Friday I went to my two month doctor appointment and got the amazing news that my foot was slowly healing. I was aloud off of my crutches and told to take it easy and not even think about running until November. It was the very next day that my dad and I had to walk home from the grocery store after our car decided it was too hot to work. Whoops.
But it also sparked me to really look into going to Florida for a while. Plane ticket prices fluctuate and I was on every site known to man and woman scoping out my best bet. 
Yesterday I went for it. 
$200 and some change later I have a one way ticket in my name to Fort Myers, Florida. How long will I stay? Only the Lord knows that really. I have no idea in my mind except that I feel as though God blessed me with an amazing job this summer, giving me the money and financial independence from my parents to buy my own ticket and take control. He will guide me in the right direction. The journey is something I need to do for me, to break from my overly particular ways and figure out what I want.
While I am there, I will blog everything that happens, of course, and hopefully use this as a way to keep in touch with those who matter most. I am sure there will be times when I look to you for encouragement or an honest snap out of it opinion. Lots of sunshine, sweat and chocolate are also to be included. I love this Unreal "candy unjunked" which was sent to me via Bzz agent, which all of you bloggers should check out, it is a healthier version of some traditional favorites. My bikini bod is not so hot right now, but lets face it once a month I am not even sure I can control my feeding frenzy if I tried. This is the perfect solution and the chocolate carmel peanuts one tastes like a snickers, hello fabulous!
Thank you for following along my blogging journey and I hope that soon I will be sharing nothing but sunny, uplifting thoughts and words into your blog list. 
T-minus 7 days to the sunshine state loves!
Pink October