DIY: Up-cycled Storage

As I was browsing through {pintrest} which is all I ever do besides blogging, lets be honest, I kept seeing these cute recovered cardboard bins. I have had this pile of boxes sitting in my tiny room forever and this was the perfect thing for me.

For this project I gathered up:
1. An old cardboard box, or you could go to the post office and take advantage of their free flat rate boxes if you are not a total online shop-a-holic like me.
2. A hot glue gun, do not ever underestimate the power of a woman with a glue gun and some glitter.
3. Canvas, or your fabric of choice, something cute and patterned would be perfect but I had this lying around from last year's Christmas project.
4. Ribbon, once again left over from another project, but right now I know Michael's craft store always seems to have ribbon on sale, which is perfect for all your crafting needs.
5. Scissors, I used fabric scissors and regular old scissors just to be snazzy and exact.
Start by glueing one end of your box and laying it onto the fabric. Press down and make sure its all secured, add glue as needed.
Add hot glue to the inside top of the box and the bottom, pulling tight and folding the edges as you go. This ensures a nice seamless fit.
Finish all four sides, and add a ribbon. I am a total bow cheater... I take a piece of ribbon, create the two loops and glue. Then, with a smaller piece of ribbon I wrap it around the middle of the two loops, and once again secure (duh). The last piece of the bow is of course the little tails, which I glue on separately and voila, your bow is finished!
What projects are you working on right now? Any on your pintrest boards that you are dying to try out?
P.S. You can pin this idea to your board through the link below, too much fun!
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