Lofty Goals

I have known that I want to be a nurse for two years. It seems like forever to me, but it was a short while ago when it all really set in. 
After my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer three years before that the nurses were often the only people who could make me feel better throughout the chaos. I knew that if I could do that for another family I would feel fulfilled with in life and work. The idea of pediatrics came about because I have always loved children, and even more than that, I want to make a difference in their lives. 
I think children are the most beautiful people, they are honest and unapologetic and yet we have so much influence on them as adults, sometimes I see it as a constant battle of trying not to ruin their innocent simplicity. To be able to give a child another chance at life, a little smile amongst the pain or even just a good long princess talk; that is what I want to give (and gain) from it all.
Along with nursing I want to be able to give my time to organizations that fight for a cure for these sweet beings. 
St. Jude's is an obvious choice to me.
I would also love to work there one day, or at least visit and spend time with the amazing people there.
I recently became aware of a program called St. Jude's heroes, which is basically where the money you raise for a race goes to the cause. I love it! I have been looking at the whole rundown for a long time now and really want to take the plunge.
I love running more than anything in the world.
I also hate running more than anything in the world.
Even when things were totally crazy and out of control in my life I knew I could always rely on my faith and running to give me peace. There is nothing more wonderful than getting up before most people would dare set their alarms, when the roads are quiet and the air is fresh and still.
And so you just run.
As far as your legs will take you, as long as you need to sort a problem out in your mind.
You run.
I also am I total sucker for the adorable Lululemon running gear, hello fabulous! I keep telling myself that if I ran more regularly (and actually raced) I could have as much lulu as my wallet would let me. And as if I don't already live in norts, might as well actually put them to use.
The closest race to my part-time Florida home is in Miami on November 18th. I was hoping it would have a 5k option or something rational, but no, it is a half marathon and that is it. Except for the half marathon relay, but seeing as the only person I know in Florida is my grammy, who absolutely does not exercise, that is out of the picture. 
Anyone want to buddy up and split it with me?
A half marathon is terrifying. That would give me a month to train to run 13.1 miles. Who does that?!
I honestly would probably just be aiming to finish before the 4 hour cut off at that point. But what is more pressing to me is the fact that this is something that I have wanted to do for so long and maybe I should just go for it.
Am I totally crazy for thinking that way?
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