150 Follower Frat Collection Giveaway

After a week of settling into my part-time Floridian life I finally feel like I am a little more accustomed to things. The heat is less blaring and my skin is even looking less ghostly. Slow tan is key girls,  we don't want to burn and get all wrinkly!
I also hit 150 blog followers last week, too exciting!
I cannot believe it and feel so blessed to know that someone other than me enjoys this blog.
To say thank you I am hosting a $50 {Frat Collection} giveaway!
The Frat Collection makes customizable frockets (front pocket tees) and sweatshirts. You can chose the color of your shirt and your pocket design, I love it!
Use the widget below to enter and make sure to come back and tweet everyday to increase your chances of winning!
{the followers widget keeps migrating around the page. It is suppose to be in the right sidebar, however sometimes it wanders to the bottom of the page.}