Go Get You Some...

New clothes girl!
At this point you all are probably so tired of hearing about my new job, boring I know, but I am excited and ready to work! We have a majorly black dress code, and forgive me if this is crazy, but the last thing I wanted to bring to my temporary Floridian life was hot dark clothing. Seems like common sense. All the same, I now have some good black options that will transition well back into my more permanent life as a Washingtonian.
Throughout the week I will be posting ideas of how I would wear these pieces to work under my specific dress code. I am thinking it would be a fabulous link up, so get ready to share your work outfits (even if they are a fabulous pair of scrubs, like my future work outfit will be) I want to see it all!
Monogrammed Scrubs and Strings of Pearls
Get ready to linkup!
I spotted this houndstooth shirt from across Kohl's and new I had to have it. My grammy called it some other print, but all I know is it is precious.
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The first thing I did after I got the job was run to Forever 21 for the basics. I typically get too overwhelmed by Forever 21 to ever shop there, but I had time before grammy was set to pick me up and thought it would be a good inexpensive place to look. I found this Audrey Hepburn like dress and had to have it, although I did have to go a whole size up for the girls does this happen to anyone else
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Simple, basic black pants. Not sure if I am going to keep these though.
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Again, simple staple black pencil skirt. If I actually end up dressing up as {Eloise for Halloween} I think I will have to settle for this skirt for practicality sakes.
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What girl does not love polka dots? I have a dress in this color and every time I wear it I get compliments that the color looks good on me. Who does not like to get compliments on what they are wearing? I was not going to pass that opportunity up!

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