Care Packages

There is nothing better than being away at school for a couple of months and receiving a package from home. Whether its filled with chocolate and assorted goodies or energy bars and cold medicine, as my mother insists I need, it is the thought behind it that matters. I remember the first care package I received last year, it was from my best friend and it was stuffed full with things I had forgotten at home. 
Ranging from a power strip to chocolate, the package had it all.
She is a total doll
She even slipped in a bunch of little strips of paper with things she loved about me on them. Talk about too sweet, I loved it and it made the crazy of my first few weeks of college a little better.
Recently, I decided it was about time to send one of my best friends, and my favorite roommate from last year, a package of her own.
To give you an overview, I included her favorite Lilly Pulitzer print, a koozie, nail polish, pictures of us, some hair basics and a card.
The best way to start out is to think for the person you are sending to.
Start with a handmade card, after all, sometimes that is what means the most. 
I took some simple pink card stock, the March page from my old Lilly planner and glitter. Inside I wrote what was on my mind straight from the heart.
By my senior year of high school I think I discovered that the best yearbook entries, and cards by extension, were not the ones detailing the things you had done together, but instead all of the qualities the person possessed that you loved. It did not have to be a list, or anything suck up-ish, instead it was more of a thank you, for the amazing person they are to you.
If I collect anything it is probably nail polish. 
I brought a green drawer system to school last year and filled the entire top drawer with polish. It was free range, except for the glitters, for anyone who asked. 
So, as I was browsing through Target (like usual) I picked up a fall Essie polish for her package.
I also had taken advantage of an amazing Just Madras sale and had a koozie to spare. Last year one of our close friends bought us all Lilly koozies and I thought this would go perfectly with her collection.
And what girl does not need hair ties? I have a mason jar filled with these that I have made and thought that I would personalize some just for her. So, I puff painted on a monogram and added an initial bead.
When we were going through a craft binge last year I took one of my cork boards, painted it pink with gold glitter chevron stripes. Kenzie had loved it so much, and I thought she needed one of her own. Her favorite Lilly print is Scarlet Begonias, so I pulled up a picture off of google and painted away.
The last thing was my absolute favorite. I took a $1.50 simple craft frame from Michaels (which can I complain about their ONE coupon policy... I was heated) and painted a few coats of white acrylic paint on. Then, I began to sketch out my lettering, using a light hand and a pencil, rearranging as I saw fit. Then, I painted overtop, adding glitter and a bow on the side for a final touch.
I want one of my own, I think it is the cutest thing ever!
The next step is packaging.
There is nothing better than opening a package full of pink stripes and blue polka dots.
The best part was that I did not spend a dime on the packaging. I had been going a little online shopping crazy and had begun to save all of the cute tissues and papers in a plastic bag. So, when it was time to pack her gifts I just wrapped them up and fit them in like a little puzzle.
How cute is that?

Overall, make it from the heart. You know that person best, gather up the things that they really love and make it your own. The best part will be the fact that they are hearing from you and they see the time you put into it all.
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