A Working Woman

Yesterday morning I had my second ever job interview.
I am a total job novice.
When my friends were out getting jobs and then going shopping every weekend to spend their new found money I spent my time in spandex, draining my parents money, at the boathouse.
It is therefore safe to assume that I still very much get the interview butterflies. These are not your typical butterflies they are huge, mammoth museum worthy butterflies. I usually do not sleep the entire night before, but instead make endless lists in an attempt to organize my thoughts. And after the interview I analyze every mistake, or even non-mistake, I made.
Serious butterflies.
All the same, I tucked my hair up into a little bun-do thing that I made up, ironed my dress and clasped my pearls all before 8. My interview was not until 11, but the butterflies wanted to be prepared.
An hour later and I was hired!
Thank goodness because as much as I love my Grammy I need some time with people a little closer to my age. I am the newest hire at a department store at the local mall and I am excited, and really really really nervous, to start work.
I have never had a retail job.
The first interview out of the two that I have had landed me a summer camp counselor job. Which is really where I belong in life as I love princesses, glitter and pink too much to be a real full time grown up.
Best purchase ever
The dress code here is mostly black, the only color I did not bring to my temporary tropical home, so I spent the day running around looking for my new wardrobe.
The best part about wearing black? You feel instantly skinnier. However, this is a sneaky trick because  you suddenly think that it is okay to eat (your first ever) Chick-Fil-A followed by cookies and ice cream and spaghetti.
Go get you some girl.
There is no such thing as Chick-Fil-A in Washington, this was a first!
In the end, I bought some good pieces and made sure that they would fit into some corner of my "regular" Washingtonian life. My favorite was this sweet Audrey Hepburn like dress from Forever 21. It was close to $30 which I thought was pricy for them but I am determined to get a bunch of sashes to spice it up.
Wish me luck!
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