What Fall Looks Like To Me

Fall is swiftly making itself known in the pacific northwest. 
Yesterday I awoke to familiar overcast skies and a decent chill, so I pulled out my closest sweater and went about my day.
This fall will be very different from last fall, as I am at {home} (but hoping to be in Florida) and unsure of a lot of things. Last fall was spent at my first year of college, which was too much fun, and I thought I would share some pictures that bring back what fall looked like to me.
The snow came early in my college town, but even freezing temperatures couldn't scare away this sass.
There were lots of braids and bows.
Cuddle buddy applications were filled out
 Sweet cards were received from my favorite person, my Nonnie.
Cats were placed on sleeping beauties.
Pink goggles were worn to lab, and the Lilly planner ruled my life.

There was lots of laughter, love and new friendships. I miss a lot of what last fall brought me, but certainly could have done without the upheaval and constant changes. I definitely felt like something was missing, like I was always wanting something more. I could not have made it through with out dear MacKenzie, who I met before school began and got to move in with during second semester.
I am anxious and waiting to see what this fall brings, and of course glad to have a place to chronicle it all no matter what happens.