Runner's Reflections

"People do that. People eat just one cookie. I don't know who those people are. But they exist."
Pre-broken foot I had been really trying to get myself fit and happier about my body after years of negative thoughts. I have never been the type to complain openly about my body issues, but there are times when I snap and let the poisonous thoughts seep through my mouth.
1. {Lululemon} Define Jacket, similar
2. {Apple} IPod Nano
3. {Lululemon} Running Tights
4. {Luna} Protein Bars
God gave us so much to work with, and some things aren't intended to be changed. You cannot change your height, nor your bone structure but there are so many things that you can do to make what you are blessed with the best it can be. Working out is a big part of it, but eating right is also a huge factor. Ever heard of the saying abs are made in the kitchen? Maybe thats why the only six pack I'll ever get close to be will be of the beverage variety. I like to eat! Scratch that, I love to eat! And just because something is healthy, or a lower calorie option, does not mean that it has to taste that way!
Most mornings I quite literally have to drag myself out of the comfort of my bed when my alarm sounds at 6:30AM. I am not the type of person who can wake up and be totally okay with life in a pleasant manner. I am an absolute beast in the morning. So, as I tug on my lululemon running tights I stop the cranky morning thoughts going through my brain. There is no good reason for me to make angry conversations in my head at that hour. Knowing that I will probably freeze to death without a jacket, I opt for either my ruffled lululemon jacket, pictured above, or the more practical white lululemon windbreaker kept in the depths of my closet.
It is at this point that my little iPod nano begins to defrost the ice witch known as Ali in the morning. I put on an upbeat playlist and walk to the little concrete trail about a mile from campus. This mile walk is calming, its where I start to think about my day, its my time to reflect. As soon as I hit the awning that marks the beginning of the trail, my feet pick up pace. I am by no means a fabulous runner, I am a total jogger. As my nose begins to run, and my legs tighten it takes everything I have to push through. By mile marker three I am usually exhausted and often begin the way back with a mile walk.
When I am all finished with my run I always feel proud. My face is usually all red and splotchy, a gift from my pale genetics, but suddenly my head is so much more clear. Being a naturally anxious person, it is this time that calms me down so much more than any breathing exercise ever will.
My favorite after workout foods change depending on how efficient I was on my run. If I discover that I am left with barely enough time to shower and pull myself together, I opt for a Luna Protein bar. These things are amazingly delicious! My school's modest market usually has the peanut butter and cookie dough varieties. Cookie dough is my favorite, but I would be interested to try the other sorts! Days when I have more time are when I enjoy relaxing and getting something a little more substantial in for breakfast. I wander into the dining hall, exhausted and freezing cold, ask for eggs with no cheese and the little potato squares that are so good no matter the time of day. I usually inspect the banana bowl and grab the most perfect banana I can find, and pay for my meal. There is something so satisfying about eggs and potatoes post workout, and it gives your body the protein and carbohydrates it needs.
What I am saying through all of this is that its tough. Nothing about getting up and forcing your body to run when everything around you is so still is particularly easy. The phrase "the hardest steps for a runner are the first two out the door" are precisely what I feel. But it is so much better than complaining about the way I look. It gives me something positive about myself instead of the million little things I dislike. Just Do It. Pick up your two feet that you're blessed to have working and move your body. Look at it as an escape from reality, make your new time alone time to exercise. And love yourself overall else.