Mirror, Mirror

After lying in bed all today, I've been having weird stomach issues and anything I eat seems to set it off, I finally got to see Mirror, Mirror. Loving all Disney princess tales myself I thought this movie would be right up my alley. 
I loved it. 
From the moment Snow White {Lily Collins} stepped out dawning her gorgeous bow adorned cape I knew it was going to be good. Also, where can I get one of those in my size? I'd take her perfectly groomed eyebrows over my unruly caterpillars any day.
The palace, the woods, the {shirtless} prince, was all set up beautifully. I really felt like a Disney story had come alive, with "real people" as I would have proclaimed when I was younger, and it was as magical and grand as I had hoped it would be. Even without the musical touch that animated princess stories bring, this was just as charming as the cartoon. The seven dwarfs had a such a fun part and their names and personalities had me trying to match them to the original seven {can you name them all? Dopey, Bashful, Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sneezy & Sleepy}. I never totally matched them up, I thought perhaps this was on purpose, maybe they gave the dwarfs more fitting realistic {or comedic} personalities?
And they even shared the same amount of awe and love for the dear Snow White as in the cartoon.
The magic was more than you ever imagined it would be and, of course, it all held a good lesson in the end. Julia Roberts played her role as the evil Queen flawlessly, I expected nothing less, and dealt with her own battle of overusing magic {sounds like something out of Harry Potter trying to deal with living in the muggle world}.
She, along with the rest of the cast, had gorgeous costumes throughout. I fell in love with each little detail and felt like I was directly getting a glimpse into someone's idea of a fairytale, or what they thought Snow White would live and dress like if she was a real person. My portrayal may have been slightly different, with more cheery singing and dancing... and speaking to animals... and less thievery and poverty, but all the same Mirror, Mirror was equally as magical as in my dreams.
And of course, it is not a true princess story if they do not live happily ever after. I am proud to report that Mirror, Mirror directly supports this fact. Hopefully, I will get to feeling better and sweet M and I will go see Snow White and the Huntsmen, the darker version of the story. I have heard good things and do not feel as though I am naive in thinking that it is going to be all happy, pretty things like Mirror, Mirror was {that, and I have been warned that it is pretty dark}. All the same, I am excited to see it and get to compare the two, a battle of the Snow White interpretations.