NARS Cactus Flower Blush

My birthday was back in April so it was spent at school, landing smack dab in the middle dead week of all weeks (boo). My dear friends managed to put together their own sort of dorm shindig and I certainly did have fun, hah!
There was frozen yogurt and cupcakes (birthday calories don't count)
The crown was worn all day, duh!
The most amazing friends and gifts made for a wonderful celebration
As soon as I got home my Nonnie reassured me that we had to go out to lunch together and celebrate. I was itching to go to Sephora and get my birthday goodie and also decided to pick up this NARS blush in Cactus Flower. I originally did not think that I would do a post about it, and it seems sort of odd, but I've seen other girls do it (and its my blog after all!)

NARS products have sleek black packaging and the compacts are a rubberized matte black material. This cream blush retails for $28.00 at Sephora.

The NARS website describes the blush as a "delicate shimmering poppy." Its a bright blush, a little coral but more on the pink-red side rather than orange. The underlying shimmer doesn't bother me, while more chunky glittered blushes do. I love the cream consistency and how easily it blends into my skin while brightening my complexion.

The top picture is a straight up swatch of the blush, and the second is the blended version. Although it may look scary and overwhelming at first, it is easily blended into something much more fun and wearable! I love it because its fun, bright and unlike a lot of blushes that I see girls wearing. What are your favorite makeup products?