I Want It Now!

And Daddy, I want it NOW!
With fall just around the corner, and my white clothes being packed into boxes, I need some serious retail therapy. I certainly love things about fall, pumpkin spice lattes mainly, but I will miss the summer sun and pray that I will be spending the majority of fall in the Florida sun as opposed to the Washington rain. But that one is still to be determined. My fall wishlist is lengthy, I like options, but these are some of the things I absolutely adore.
1. {Lilly Pulitzer} Cassie Dress in Kissy Pink Tusk In Sun, $98
I was not very impressed by most of Lilly's fall line, she really is a summer girl, but I am totally smitten with this print. I want everything it comes in, including the minnie dresses! It would be simple to dress it up with a belt, scarf and some jewelry. On the other hand it makes a perfect statement worn by itself.
2. {Shop Dandy} Shirt Dress, $49
This sweet online boutique just opened up and I am totally in love! They have their own darling {blog} which just recently showcased this fuchsia beauty, thus wriggling its way onto my fall wish list. Being a total pink girl I love the bold color, and think that this dress would be adorable in the dwindling summer days but also great with some fall boots for some color amongst the drab days.
3. {Shop Dandy} Chevron Dress
This dress is sold out, but my fingers are crossed tight that they will scrape up some extras so I can snatch one up. It is all over the blogs and I love it!
4. {Miss Lucy's Monograms} Monogrammed Pull Over Rain Jacket, $45
Amongst all of the monogram sites little Miss Lucy's is so adorable. From the sweet puppy logo to the design and products, I love (and want) it all. Us Pacific Northwesterners know all about rain and how to remain chic among the most drizzle-fied days. A monogrammed rain jacket has to be the next addition to my wardrobe, I need it before this fluke rainless period we are having ends.
5. {Moon and Lola} Small Monogram Necklace, $160
Like my favorite Reese Witherspoon says "if its not moving, monogram it!" To which I can only abide by and snatch up this stunning gold piece for everyday wear.
6. {Sperry Topsider} Linen Oat Bluefish Boat Shoe, $85
I took a trip to Nordstrom Rack the other day after my sweet best friend's {birthday celebration} the night before. They always have Sperrys amongst their selections, but usually the colorful patterned type. After years of buying these fun pairs and never wearing them I realized that what I really wanted was a more classic pair. I tried on pair after pair but none in my specific 8.5 'perfect' Sperry size. Plus, a swollen cripple foot does not help much when all the shoes on the floor have to be squeezed onto my broken foot, not so cute. I love this pair though, and keep trying to convince myself out of buying them every second... my poor wallet!
The Sperry Selection
7. {Ariat International} Heritage Western, $169
Every girl needs a pair of cowboy boots. They are perfect when paired with a game day dress, and there is something simple and sexy about them. I would probably sleep in my cowboy boots if/when I get a pair, I love the way the look that much.
8. {Miss Lucy's Monograms} Monogrammed Baseball Cap, $19
Again, this sweet shop has the best things. A baseball cap is key for pale girls soaking up the sun, as I am not looking to get all wrinkly before I turn 20, and a monogrammed is one of the cutest beach accessories of all. In the same category falls monogrammed sun hats, I want it all!
9. {Lilly Pulitzer} Scarlet Begonia Croakie, $10
Another sun essential. Plus, the back reads 'wear pink and make the boys wink' I am seriously dying. Consider my life motto officially changed.