Blue Moons, Birthdays and The Weekend

This weekend was my best friend's 19th birthday and she decided to spend it with her closest friends exploring Seattle and having a good time. Being the baby of the group we are all too happy to see her finally join the rest of us in our last teenage year. We had talked about a last minute trip to Canada but this princess doesn't have her passport updated... Serious bummer. I was looking forward to some classy Canadian drinks and dancing with sexy men.
Instead we started our night off with burritos and ended it with the most delicious food and drinks. Why does everything I do revolve around food? 
Because without a man chocolate is the next best thing. 
We ended up at Dilettante Chocolates for the most ah-ma-zing desserts ever. I skipped on the cheesecake (its just not my thing to want to waste calories on) and opted for samplings of the espresso ice cream with salted carmel sauce and the german chocolate cake. Oh my word, the ice cream was the best thing ever. I want to drink that salted carmel topping.
And never underestimate five girls with three desserts and no men, we made quick work of it all. After all, my life is constant battle between wanting to eat everything in sight and not wanting to be fat. 
Oh choices.
I love spending time with my sweet best friend and she always makes me see the best in things. We have been through a lot together and I am so proud to see her doing amazing things, like coxing her eight to victory at the Royal Henley Regatta (say what?!), remaining positive throughout. She constantly reminds me that this injury, and semester off, is a blessing in disguise, that maybe I will come out of it all with new clarity and understanding of what I want out of my college years and where I should be. 
I just love her!
The best part about getting to meet your friend's friends is that sense of joy and calm discovering that they are not total crazies. Seeing your friend so happy and blessed with so many sweet people in her life is all I could truly ask for. Also, look at that gorgeous blue moon over the Seattle sky line, sometimes the pacific northwest is truly magical.
Happy Birthday sweet girl!