Updating The Fall Wardrobe

Last fall I experienced first hand the endless winter that occurs in my college town. The break down of most Washington weather is usually understood as sprinkles followed by showers, which means that everyone and their overly outdoorsy dogs live in North Face raincoats. Anyone carrying an umbrella is immediately ruled out as a non-Seattlite impostor. 
We all know that umbrellas are for sissies. 
The weather in my college town on the other hand ranges from 90+ degrees of heat for two months then turns quickly to endless sporadic snow showers. In no time I learned that a vest wasn't going to cut it when I had an 8am lab to trek to in three feet of snow. 
My fall outfits last year were therefore put through an adjustment period, not my best work, you win some you lose some. These outfits are very tailored to the cooler forecasts, but could easily have a layer peeled off to adapt for those of you lucky enough to not want to die every time someone suggests taking off your coat.
This first outfit was something I threw together for lab one early morning. I am completely guilty of living in my Hunter wellies in the fall simply because with the constant threat of snow I really did not feel like ruining my leather boots. However, the beginning of fall does not share the same level of snow threat and therefore these {Tory Burch} riding boots are the perfect pick. I would update the outfit with a pair of {7 For All Mankind} dark wash jeans, even though mine would be jeggings as I am not a jean girl, instead of last season's grey leggings. The wool {LL Bean} coat is a staple, warm and practical for any cool weather. But the best part of this outfit has to be the monogrammed {Marley Lilly} scarf. I received a bright pink one last year for Christmas and I could not wear it enough. I wonder sometimes if living in Washington, where monogramming has not caught on, people passing by wonder what "AWA" stands for and why I obsessively stick it on everything I own, hah!
This second outfit was a total go-to for me last year. A practical vest, my oversized Ralph Lauren button up, some leggings and that day's scarf choice. It is the fall version of norts and an oversized t-shirt in the summer, meaning that it is all I ever wore. I am head over heels in love with {J Crew's} excursion vest this season and think that the pink color would be the perfect update to the outfit. Along with the vest, I have heard nothing but amazing things about the {J Crew} pixie pant, its a legging with a zipper in the back, sex-ay.
Sounds like classy stuff to me. 
The price tag is a little hefty, but like most things from J Crew I trust they will last longer than my next paycheck does. Pairing the bright pink vest with a navy blue striped {J Crew} sweater gives a nod to the nautical while still keeping it all grounded in the fall weather. Lastly, the ever trustworthy {LL Bean} Bean Boots are the perfect smart pick to finish this all off. They are waterproof, warm and handmade in the United States, love them too much!
Although much of what I wore last fall was a sleepy blur, I certainly learned reflecting on these pictures that I clearly needed more sleep, or Diet Coke.
This fall will be spent largely in leggings and vests I predict, especially if I fold and snatch up that gorgeous JCrew baby. 
I honestly think I need it to survive.
After all, what is a princess without a little bit of slightly obnoxious pink in her outfit? 
Nothing. Thats what.
What will you be wearing this fall?