You Don't Know What You've Got Till its Gone

There I go, starting things off with a cliché again, hah! But the thing about clichés is that they are always so right. I spent the majority of my summer talking Disney princesses and uttering things like "friends don't hit friends," "is that respectful?" or flat out sprinting toward a child hanging half way off the play structure. And, strangely, I loved every minute of it. However, felt crowns and water slides left little time for me to do the adult things I love to do most. I lost all the energy in me to run.
I love to hate running more than most things in my life. 
There are those days where you hit a stride, the hills and cars pass you by and you have nothing on your mind but that next mile. Those are the days I run for. My campus has the most beautiful paved running/biking path that is nestled among the hills, surrounded by local businesses and farms. I was so excited to get back to that trail and feel on top of the world again, like nothing could ever touch me. But that was before I broke my foot, congratulations cripple you won a month of crutches and bruises instead... oh so sexy.
So of course it is now, at the nicest time of the year, that my foot decides its going to break on me. Really I just tripped down some stairs, it could easily have chosen not to crack like all of those other times I have done far more stupid things. As I sit stupidly on the passenger side of my car, another cripple perk, everyone seems to be outside running and enjoying the beautiful pacific northwest sunshine. I swear they are all taunting me, they know that I want more than anything to be able to run. I am not asking a lot, I really would just like to be able to wear two shoes again. The simple joys in life.
As soon as I can walk again, I want more than anything to begin training to run again. I have my heart set on the Disney Princess Half Marathon. There seriously is nothing being able to wear a crown and a tutu while running throughout Disneyland. Hello, sign me up asap. And send a prince, please.
If you still have two equal sized feet, please go run on them. Take a walk through your neighborhood, or hike an area you have never been to before. Enjoy your two legged life, because honestly, I have no idea how flamingos do it.