Weekend Plans

... and its the first day of the weekend! I am once again waking up around six and heading off to my CNA class. Today is an extra long day because we have to stay until four and get CPR, HIV/AIDS and First Aid certified. Woah Nelly. I'll need extra grapes and peanut butter and jelly to make it through today. If only I had a princess (or Lilly) lunch box, that'd make life a whole lot easier.
In the mean time, I will be reading from this little treasure (otherwise known as the world's weirdest illustrated book ever) Lets learn how to turn patients and ambulate today kids, don't worry the people in the pictures are only slightly disturbed. If this was Harry Potter the pictures would move and maybe I would actually understand what they are trying to say. But, then again, if this was actually Harry Potter I would ride around on a Nimbus 2000 and wave my wand to get me a boy.
On a different note, I did my nails in a Kate Spade inspired fashion the other day! I used OPI's Vodka and Caviar and some cheap white and black polishes. They are actually the worst things ever, but they did the job. One ring finger had a little spade on it and the other thumb was polka-dotty. Try not to die of cuteness.
Lastly, I am in the market for a new bigger tervis. I love love love my monogrammed 16oz tervis, but I really want one of the obese 24 ouncers. Reasons I need a bigger tervis include:
sweet tea
diet coke
homemade starbucks drinks
and coffee coffee coffee (thats a Gilmore Girls reference babes)
Definitely need a new tumbler.