Its A Short Story: Deals and Steals

I am a J Crew girl through and through, and my favorite thing of theirs is definitely their 3" chinos. I took advantage of their sale on sale recently and got these three pairs for around $84 dollars. If you've just put on a judge-y sticker shock face, you should know that these usually retail for $45 a pair, and the critter shorts higher than that. So, ladies and gents, this is a total score.
The first pair I picked up was a bright neon yellow, I thought this was a fun summer color and great for pairing with a royal blue or some pinks. They're a statement for sure, but with a tan (probably from a bottle with my genes and the Washington weather) these will look lovely.
Second are my favorite. You're not suppose to outwardly favor your babies, but out of these triplets I am head over heels for this pair. They are my first pair of J Crew critter shorts and they are definitely not my last. The orange sherbet color is flawless, and the little embroidered sailboats make me want to squeal like a middle school girl. I am really looking into saving up for my own embroidery sewing machine this summer so that I can turn plain chinos into spirit wear for game days, and then monogram everything possible.
Lastly I picked up this violet pair. The picture I took makes them look more pink, but I promise you they're purple. I love the color and they're pretty versatile in my mind.
I am now lusting over this bright pink pair (on sale for $34, more than what I paid but still a deal):
I also scoured ebay recently and found a second pair of critters that I had to have. I think that if you aren't a resale or used clothes snob than ebay is a great place to look. So what someone else wore them? I like to think of them as being preloved, the same as if a friend or sister passed you on hand me downs. You wash them and they're often in nearly new condition for much less! I bought this pair for $30.
Where do you resale shop? Gotten any good deals lately?