Sweet Baby Ray-Bans

After years of buying, breaking and losing cheap sunglasses I have finally curved and splurged for a real "adult" pair of sunnies. It has been said that I have an odd face shape, to which I reply guilty as charged:
 Maybe its not completely out of the ordinary, but it certainly does not agree with most sunglasses. Blame it on my overly expressive eyebrows, which pop up like a jack-in-the-box above every pair, or blame it on my skinny, bony nose; whatever it is, I am limited in my sunglasses choices. Aviators are the one style that don't make me look like a complete mental case. And who makes the most sexy, classic aviators on the planet? Ray-Ban.

So, I started my hunt for the perfect, and affordable, pair of Ray-Ban aviators. I ventured into the little side alley that is {Nordstrom's} sunglasses section and immediately had several pairs shoved into my face. 
It was all too much. 
{Sunglass Hut} was my next stop. High end, good quality glasses I thought. Oh.my.word. I forgot that people pay $300+ for a pair of sunnies. AHH. 

"Oh, no I think I like this pair better," 

I seemed to repeat like a broken record as I clutched the cheapest pair of glasses I could find. At $145, these glasses were on the low end. And they were the most perfect pair. I had fallen in love with the classic Ray-Ban RB3025 58" frames in gold/green. 

However, I was not ready to pay nearly $200 for a pair of sunnies that I would only get a few months of wear out of, thanks to the darn Seattle weather.

I took my search to the next best place I knew, the internet. 
Its scary looking for high end designer things for less on the internet, how do you know what is the real deal and what isn't? I stumbled across a youtube video of a girl talking about Ray-Ban sizing, and she just happened to work for a sunglasses company called {fast sunglass}. She seemed legit, I trusted that she wasn't showing off a bunch of fakes. So, I decided to give it a try.

Their website is pretty easy to navigate, and I quickly found my dream pair again. $123. I gawked. And I soon found a coupon code to make the deal even sweeter, SUMMER12 will get you and extra 10% off. I ended up paying $116 for the whole deal, including shipping and handling. Making my online sunnies $31 less than I would have paid in stores.
I was beyond excited to receive them, but still trepidatious that this might not be the real deal.

As soon as they arrived I searched videos on how to tell real Ray-Bans from fakes. Everything, and I mean everything, has checked out. I love these sunglasses more than any other pair I have ever owned and I am so thankful that I could get them at a more affordable price. Now, all I need is a Vera Bradley sunglasses case and a Lilly Pulitzer croakie and I will be the ultimate sunglass princess.

What sort of sunnies do you wear? Are you as picky and limited with sunnies as I am?